The Endless Upgrade... in Pursuit of the Perfect Program.

The wonderful thing about being a presenter and entertainer is that there are always opportunities to improve and refine what you do. Since we created our new business a year ago, my business partner, Velia Amarasingham and I have been delivering presentations for the leading Destination Management Companies in San Francisco.

We have designed a very engaging, fun and interactive program that includes singing, dance, comedy, magic and now we've added an excerpt from our 1940s Suspense Radio Drama, where our audience gets to make the Foley sounds!

1940s Radio Show for the MPI Holiday Party at the Starlight Room in SF, in December of 2018

1940s Radio Show for the MPI Holiday Party at the Starlight Room in SF, in December of 2018

Part of staying on top of our own personal best, includes getting out there as often as possible. For example, this Wednesday was a wonderful day for www.curatedentertainment. My business partner, Velia Amarasingham and I started the day delivering our presentation to the amazing Event Managers at the San Francisco Travel Association. Then we delivered another presentation at the very cool Urban Putt venue. Then to SF Travel's PBX mixer at the The Julia Morgan Ballroom (It was a mind flash because I'd recently Emcee'd a big wedding in the ballroom... where everything was AHEAD of schedule, with lots of spontaneous changes to finesse, which made me have to be fast on my feet.) Here are illustration of ‘quick-on-your-feet’ Emcee moments at a ”Women in Business Fempire Summit.”

At SF Travel’s PBX Mixer that eveningI performed lots of Magic debuting my "Signed card to Altoids tin". I also performed Mentalism and a powerful card effect which is in the genre of “Any Card At Any Number”. This means a guest names any card and any number and their card is at that position. To Magicians, this is considered the “Grail” of magic.

Heather Rogers Performing Magic at Hensley,
Heather Rogers, Magician at Hensly.

A highlight was meeting the folks at SnapFiesta who took this fun shot of Velia and I rocking out! Velia writes original songs for every client and along with our Composer and Sound Designer, Simon Amarasingham, creates entire soundscapes for events.
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