Curated Entertainment Dazzles and Delights at ILEA's Showcase

Velia Amarasingham and I had a fantastic time presenting at ILEA Northern California Chapter's Showcase this week! We met some amazing people and got to visit with our dear ILEA peeps. Thank you Rachel Jacob Barnettand Hugh Groman for all of your amazing work in making this all happen! Guests got to play rounds of "Name That Tune" and "The Price Is Right"! They also won amazing prices like a trip to Florida's Alligator Farm, a lifetime supply of Spam and their very own mainframe computer with a whopping 75 kilobytes of hard drive, that fits into just one room! Had to include a shot of Velia as we were setting up. A lot of work goes into every venture, but when you're working with the people who are the dearest to you in the world, it's a complete joy!