The Power of using Magic for Philanthropy

The use of magic for philanthropy has been a deep calling for me. Generosity, compassion, and contribution are the REAL MAGIC. I recently performed at a fundraiser for Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, CA. One of the many ways that they serve the community is to invite homeless people to sleep in their sanctuary during the holidays. I happily donated 2 magic lessons for their silent auction because this is a way that I can give the best of my best to spread the magic of philanthropy.  

Ask yourself, "What is one way that I can add philanthropy to my life and business?"

"How can I 'raise the spirits of others?"

You can start small. I give away Love Packages from my car to people in need. (These are packs of supplies, food and encouraging notes that I assemble and have ready when the moments arises.)

Some ways that your can bring real magic to the world are: helping in a soup kitchen, visiting a rest home and offering your skill or hobby as an interactive activity, just smiling at people when you walk down the street. All of these are courageous acts of contribution that will ripple much farther than you know.  

List 3 things you can do right now, take action and watch how healing it is for your heart.

Here is a video clip from the event that raised the spirits for so many.

Heather RogersComment